Lubusz Women's Center in Emigration


(Project of the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Foreigners in Poland)

March 8 is a special day for us.
Women all over the world are celebrating Women's Day and we are celebrating the establishment of the Lubuskie Women's Center in Emigration.
A pilot project in the Lubuskie Voivodeship on which we have been working for almost a year!

The project is aimed mainly at women in exile and it will be a broadly understood platform for supporting and developing women in exile.
We know how important support is, being in exile we need it twice. Each of us has great potential, knowledge and experience in various areas. We often ran our businesses, shops, salons in our country, we were managers, lawyers and doctors.
But the beginnings in emigration are not easy, a new language, new culture and regulations, often work below qualifications and possibilities.

When you come to a new country, you don't always know how to pursue yourself, where to look for a friendly place, reliable information and real help during emigration.
We women often do not need much, sometimes it is enough to talk, show other development opportunities and opportunities offered by emigration, change of perspective, legal assistance or reliable information.

Therefore, in order to support women in exile, we established the Lubuskie Women's Center in Emigration, where a group of our specialists, including a lawyer, coach, mediator, adaptation advisor, psychologist, will provide the necessary support to women in exile.
We would like no woman in the Lubuskie Voivodeship who changed the country to feel herself and unfulfilled
Planned activities of the Women's Center in Emigration.

1. Development, integration and adaptation workshops and seminars for women in exile.
2.Legal assistance in the field of economic and civil law, including family law, criminal law, and administrative proceedings, in particular matters relating to foreigners.
3. Consultations with a coach, psychologist, psychotherapist, mediator.
4. Establishing cooperation with entrepreneurs, showing the potential of women in exile understood as the joint development of business and society in the voivodeship.
5. Consultations after legalization
6.Pedagogical and legal consultation for mothers with children with disabilities
7. Legal and moral support of women who are in a difficult situation (death of a loved one, health problems, etc.)
8. Organization of free time for women in exile
We invite all women in exile who want to develop with us, specialists, and we invite partners and sponsors who want to contribute to the development of the Center.

Join us

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Migrants point

Migrants - Information Point for Refugees from Ukraine in Gorzów Wielkopolski
Official City Information Point. A space of integration and support for refugees from Ukraine in Gorzów.

"Migrants" official city information point. A space for integration and support for refugees from Ukraine in Gorzów


In March 2020, we established the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Foreigners in Poland.
Our Foundation carries out activities supporting migrants who came to the Lubuskie Voivodeship in cooperation with the Lubuski Office
Voivodship, City Hall of Gorzów Wlkp., Border Guard, National Labor Inspectorate, Social Insurance Institution, Voivodship Labor Office, Center
International Debates, Provincial Library, Lubuskie Museum, Jakub Akadam from Paradyż,
FISE, Ashoka., Institute of Security